As a Creative Director, I am keenly interested in collaboration and co-design with communities and artists to deliver powerful, exciting and beautiful work.

Whether I am designing a festival experience, a long term program or a new initiative, my creative and cultural ambitions are based on a cultural rights framework with the intention of contributing to the Australian arts and cultural landscape whilst shaping the social, cultural and political commentary of our time.

Examples of my work include:

2017: Women of the World Festival (WOW Melbourne)

In partnership with Southbank Centre London, FCAC delivered Women of the World Festival Melbourne.


2013 – 2016: Collaborate Asia

Delivered over three years, this initiative was developed following a research inquiry undertaken from 2011 – 2012 by Jade. This research was seeking to understand the ways that Australian/SE Asian collaborations could be democratised and ensure true partnership between artists and organisations across the region.

Collaborate Asia was a project exploring new residency models in partnership with Survive! Garage, Kunci Cultural Studies Centre, Ace House Collective, Cemeti Art House, Krack Studio, CNX Art Connex in addition to numerous government agencies in Australia and Indonesia.

2012:  Meta-Meta

4 days, 46 practitioners, 60 open space sessions, 15 meals, 150 cups of coffee … Meta-Meta was attended by practitioners from Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Australia, Cambodia, Germany and the UK.

Participants ranged from arts leaders, managers, CCD practitioners, live art performers, artists, community development workers, social planners and consultants.  Meta-Meta was a mixed bag of critical dialogue, presentations, ideas, intercultural exchange and discussion.

Meta-Meta took place in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in June 2012.

Read more about Meta-Meta and download the e-book here.