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This section is home to a few  interviews and articles that articulate the ways that I work and talk/write about the role of arts, cultural and engagement in the ways we work and live in a contemporary world.


AUDIO INTERVIEW:  What it takes to create a community 

Welcome to the final episode of the season on race, womanhood, and belonging – and you’re in for a real treat. To close a season created in partnership with Footscray Community Arts Centre, we speak with two head ladies of FCAC about the ethos that guides FCAC’s work. Departing Artistic Director Jade Lillie, and Head of Programming Lydia Fairhall, discuss white privilege, their personal history with both feminism and decolonisation, and what it really takes to create a community.

With thanks to Audiostage listen to the full interview here.

ARTICLE:. The future of arts advocacy

The power of arts advocacy in recent weeks has implications beyond arts funding for the entire civic narrative.

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INTERVIEW:  Inquiry into the role of arts organisations

“We’re not apologetic about how political we are, and we look forward to the day when things that are deemed to be quite progressive or political are accepted as the ways we tell stories in the arts and how the cultural landscape is reflected in Australia.”  

With thanks to the civic role in arts inquiry (UK), read the full interview here.

INTERVIEW: Is gentrification good for community arts?

“With gentrification, quiet voices get quieter – it is our greatest challenge and a significant opportunity”

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